CFC technology – Simply intelligent! For vehicles with CAN BUS technology

CFC® technology – the innovative way to install tow-bars in modern, digitally controlled cars.

CAN Frequency Control Technology, or CFC® technology for short, is our electronic installation kit for trailer control and function monitoring for the future. It is suitable for modern vehicles that are fitted with digital data bus technology (also called CAN bus technology).

CAN bus technology forms the backbone of the electronic network as a compact, central data distributor in modern cars. It connects the majority of car control units with each other, exchanges data and transmits signals to activate functions.If your car has digital data bus technology and you want to fit a tow-bar to it, you can install our JAEGER automotive CFC® electronic installation kit in a few work steps.The intelligent CFC® trailer module has got a microprocessor in the CFC® electronic installation kit. This trailer module communicates  with the CANetwork in your car and optimises it for new tasks.All lighting functions of the trailer are controlled by the Body Controller and are conveniently monitored:

  • Rear lights and  marker  lights on the left and right
  • Turn indicators on the left and right
  • Brake lights
  • Reversing lights
  • Fog lights
  • Shut down of fog lamps on the vehicle

Aditionally our CFC® trailer module (also) controls and supports comfort functions available in your car such as:

  • Shut down of reverse parking assistant on the vehicle as soon as a trailer is connected
  • Support of  trailer  indicator monitoring with simultaneous fault message (for example, if an indicator light on the trailer fails, the system detects this fault at lightning speed and shows it on the vehicle’s check display.
  • Support of T-ESP, trailer electronic stability program (The yaw rate sensor of the towing vehicle permanently monitors the stability of the trailer during travel. If this starts to sway at high speed, the system detects the hazard potential and sends pulses to the anti lock brake system in good time. The brakes are applied smoothly and in a controlled manner at the right moment to stabilise the trailer.)

JAEGER Trailer Module

CFC LED with diagnosis onboard

JAEGER Trailer modules for your safety