Yes / Integral element of installation
No / Excluded
AFCAutomatic increase of indicator frequency (Automatic Frequency Control)
C2Check lamp for trailer indicator monitoring
A1Acoustic indicator monitoring
CCCheck Control, light monitoring
EPHPark assist system
F1Coding / programming of vehicle required
O1Choose  option F1 or E3 
O2Choose  option E3 or E6
O3Choose  option F1 or E6 
K1Extension kit  22010001  for vehicles with Check-Contol 
K4Extension kit  22400004  for vehicles with Check-Contol 
E0Extension kit  22270500  for deactivation of park assist system 
E3Extension kit  22400503  for deactivation of park assist system
E5Extension kit  22400505  for deactivation of park assist system
E6Deactivation of park assist system by factory built-in push button
D1Extension kit  22400001  for optional permanent current feed to trailer
L1Extension kit  22400509  for optional charging of trailer battery
RECRear Electric Centre
ZVCentral locking
NSLRear fog light
V/HAlternatively according to equipment of vehicle
AInstallation time 30-60 minutes 
BInstallation time 60-90 minutes
CInstallation time exceeding 90 minutes


All statements of installation time are non-committal and do reflect times for processing the content of the package. Excluded are times for manipulation of trim and body parts and coding /programming.
Specifications are subject to change.