EasyPin socket

JAEGER automotive as a specialist for wiring kits for tow bars makes your work sustainably easier and safer.

The new EasyPin generation of 7- and 13-pin trailer sockets offers maximum ease of assembly with outstanding stability and durability. The socket contacts of the wiring kits are fed individually through the body feed-through hole to the EasyPin socket. The required diameter of this hole can thus be kept to a minimum.

  • This minimizes the excessive mechanical effort required to create the opening.
  • Holes can be drilled with standard drills without special tools.
  • Possible sealing problems against water ingress are reduced.
  • The ready-to-install EasyPin contacts are inserted and latched according to the enclosed table.
  • Complex individual screw connections of electrical contacts are completely eliminated.

In case something goes wrong, JAEGER automotive has taken this into consideration:

Every new wiring kit with the EasyPin socket comes with a push-out tool. With this tool, the technician can easily release a plug contact that has been snapped in (PIN OUT) and plug it in at the desired position (PIN IN).

In case of repair, in particular, a socket can be replaced very quickly and with reliable contact. Suitable repair kits for EasyPin sockets are available for immediate use if required.