Our reference book

JAEGER automotive has become the first brand in the workshop through constant innovation and persistent adherence to the highest quality standards.

This did not happen alone. Also in cooperation with our valued customers, we always have the goal to deliver the best possible product.

The technical design and many functional unique selling points set us apart from our competitors. This is what makes the difference. If our know-how is copied in the process, it is not only a tiresome annoyance for us but also a confirmation of good work.

In countless events, we have informed and trained our customers on a wide range of topics related to electrical kits. Up to now, there has been no or only fragmented technical literature in the industry.

With this present compendium, we want to pass on the knowledge we have gathered. It is intended to serve as training material and also as a reference book.
We have tried to present the partially complex topics in an understandable way.

Some professionals among the readers will regard one or the other topic as an old hat. However, it is in the nature of things that there are different levels of knowledge.

We want to try to do justice to the newcomer here. In the end, we hope that everyone will discover something worth knowing when reading this compendium. We would be pleased if we could then count you among our fans.

Printed version

The print edition 2019/2020 can be ordered from us under the following article number: 99990044 and is also available from the relevant specialist wholesalers.

This publication is intended for training purposes and is aimed at a professional audience with relevant knowledge and experience in automotive engineering.

Vehicle manufacturers often make technical modifications within a model cycle. As a result the hardware and/or software of the wiring kit must also be modified. The information currently provided here should therefore always be viewed with this reservation.

Technical changes due to product innovations are also possible at any time.

The examples shown in the various installation instructions are only an extract depending on the situation. They are intended to provide a better illustration of the topic dealt with at the relevant point.