The JAEGER automotive customer portal serves to provide various information for our customers. After consultation, customers and their employees or departments can gain access to this portal and use one or more of the features described below.

Installation instructions
The current status of all installation instructions can be downloaded from the customer portal at any time. If there are customer-specific installation instructions for your company, these are also available in a separate area.

Various documents
Depending on requirements and availability, customer-specific documents, film material, images, or similar are available. It is also possible to (re-)upload documents, e.g. to exchange Excel lists or similar.

Inventory queries
A stock inquiry or availability inquiry of our article stocks is possible via the customer portal. Stock inquiries provide the actual available stock, the availability inquiry returns a status.

Please note: Inventory is detailed up to a maximum of 25 pieces, from a value of 25 this is to be interpreted as “more than 25 available”.

Orders can also be processed digitally via the customer portal. This processing is intended for customers who cannot provide an EDI connection but still want to process their orders digitally.

In addition to the order itself and its status, the portal provides further information on the processing, such as delivery note number for allocation and the tracking number for parcel shipment.

In case JAEGER automotive use dropshipping, it is also possible to deposit customer delivery notes for the order after consultation during the order processing via the customer portal.

Interface Description

The described features of the customer portal can partly be accessed via an interface (API), which enables an implementation by the customer to automate processes. A provision is possible at any time after consultation with JAEGER automotive (kundenportal@jaeger-automotive.de).

It is a RESTful web service that covers the following features:

Stock Inquiries

  • Stock Inquiry
  • Availability Query


  • New order
  • Query order status
  • Query shipping numbers
  • Upload customer delivery note (PDF)

Installation Guidelines

  • Current installation guidelines for the order number