Application of a wiring installation kit

The primary task of an wiring installation kit (in short: wiring kit) is to establish an electrical connection between the vehicle and the trailer or rear load carrier. The lighting functions of the trailer are controlled synchronously with those of the passenger car.

In addition, the trailer signal indicator or the trailer control unit included in the electrical kit performs the mandatory flasher monitoring of the trailer. Furthermore, the assistance systems of the car can be supported.

Significance of the electrical kit

In these times of constant technical change, it is no longer enough to have only good ideas. It is even more important to convert them into perfect solutions for the customer. This is the standard by which we measure ourselves.

The upgrade of a tow bar always consists of two products: tow bar + wiring kit. One cannot do without the other. In the meantime, the wiring kit has become the most important component when upgrading a tow bar.

The installation of the iron part, i.e. the tow bar, is usually problem-free. With the wiring kit, however, the wheat is separated from the chaff.

The wiring kit has a special position in the market for car accessories and spare parts. For example, an air filter from manufacturer A is identical in terms of installation to one from manufacturer B. This statement can be applied to most other parts as well. Provided that the quality is similar, the essential criterion for comparison is often only the price. With the wiring kit, however, such a simple comparison would be a naive calculation. Because with this special product, the installation time is very important.

In the end, the total price for a tow bar retrofit consists of three components:

a) Iron part (tow bar)
b) Wiring kit
c) Assembly and if necessary, encoding

And it is precisely in the assembly of the wiring kit in particular that there are sometimes considerable variations in time, i.e. costs as a price component, depending on the design of the product.

For many types of vehicles, the wiring kit is often already more expensive than the tow bar. At least compared to a rigid tow bar. In the past, the wiring kit was usually only a secondary accessory. The connection to the vehicle’s on-board power supply system was always done according to the same pattern. Very often universal wiring kits were adapted with simple cut-in or crimp connectors. Nowadays, the wiring kit is a highly complex component that has to meet the requirements of modern vehicle construction.

The importance of the wiring kit has therefore increased considerably. Compared to the tow bar, the wiring kit comes first. Both the technical demands and the price or value of the product are concerned.

Development Objectives

Our development objectives are defined on the basis of the above-mentioned findings. The most important overall objective is not the lowest possible sales price, but first and foremost a product that is as perfect as possible for smooth and fast installation in the vehicle.

Our customers worldwide include almost all well-known vehicle manufacturers, manufacturers of trailer couplings, and specialist dealers. Together with our customers, we want to develop the perfect product. The customer’s needs always have top priority.

Our primary development goals are from a technical point of view:

  • Simple practical assembly
  • Short installation times
  • Exact adaptation to the vehicle
  • Comprehensible installation instructions (using pictograms and supplementary texts in several languages)
  • Encoding tools for the common diagnostic testers
  • Conformity of the control units to all EU directives regarding immunity and emission
  • Use of components approved in the automotive industry
  • Use of best material qualities
  • Compliance with all legal requirements, e.g. German § 53 STVZO
  • No additional load on the vehicle electrical system
  • Maintenance of all replacement functions of the rear lights on the towing vehicle
  • Additional exclusive features that improve both the assembly and/or the later application, for example.


The driver can start an automatic test run of the lighting functions of the trailer without the help of a second person.



The trailer module can disconnect the trailer charging line at low voltage. This protects the vehicle battery against low voltage or discharge so that the trailer can be started again at any time.



By means of two LED indicator lights, the function control of CAN bus, current and ground connection can be performed instantly. This allows much easier, safer and shorter installation.


EasyPin socket

Unmatched robustness and longevity are paired with unique assembly ease, both during initial installation and in case of repair.



Conventional trailers and bicycle rear carriers have filament bulbs. More and more modern lamps are equipped with LED technology. The trailer control units in the PREMIUM electrical kits support both light variants.



In the event of failure of a lighting function on the trailer, operational lamps take over this function.


Order Equipment Manufacturer quality - or often even better

In the world of automotive parts, this is a familiar saying and is considered by many to be the superlative for first-class goods. Many component manufacturers, therefore, declare this requirement for themselves. JAEGER automotive makes this claim as well. Especially with regard to electrical kits, the respective product-specific design by the vehicle manufacturer would then be defined as original equipment quality. But beyond that, JAEGER automotive offers even better solutions for retrofitting within the independent aftermarket in many details, e.g:

  • Already fully integrated or prepared and therefore expandable
  • Additional functions, continuous positive or charging line
  • Often more practical mounting solutions
  • Additional exclusive features