Please contact us. We are happy to help.

In case of functional problems after the wiring kit installation, the fault duration should be limited to a maximum of 0.5 hours. If this happens please contact our technical hotline.

Our hotline is at your disposal during normal business hours:

  • In case of functional problems after the initial installation of the wiring kit
  • In case of questions regarding the installation instructions
  • In case of functional problems during future operation of the wiring kit

Hotline: +49 5246 921019

Every hotline procedure is documented by us. This means that this process can be accessed again at any time in the event of subsequent inquiries.

Each of our products is only released after development when it is certain that it will function properly. Likewise, delivery is only made after conscientious and complete quality checks. In most cases, a possible error can be found and eliminated very quickly within the scope of the hotline help.

In the event of a possible warranty claim, it is essential that the customer has granted us the right to rectify the defect beforehand. Therefore, get support and use the hotline.

We want to help you quickly and competently in case of problems.
A highly qualified team of experienced technicians will accompany you from the fault diagnosis to the practical solution.

Many satisfied customers confirm our impeccable service. Last but not least the excellent hotline has made us the first brand in the workshop.

This pleases us and is an incentive for the future.