The tow bar for bicycle carriers

There is an increasing number of vehicles that are not approved for trailer operation. These vehicles do not have a towing load, but a drawbar load. These are usually electric or hybrid vehicles, sports cars, small cars, or convertibles.
These vehicles are not allowed to pull but may carry a rear bicycle carrier or a cargo box, for example.

The solution is the CarGo kits by JAEGER automotive in the usual PREMIUM quality.

In terms of construction, they are similar to the well-known tow bars. However, they must not be used for towing trailers, but only for load carriers.
This is why people often speak of bicycle carrier tow bars, although this term is actually misleading.
Almost all bicycle carriers fit onto this carrier construction.

Below is an overview of the tested combinations: Link to the BRINK List (PDF)

In case of doubt, the manufacturer of the rear carrier should be consulted.

In order to prevent misuse of the unauthorized towing operation, some manufacturers use stud bolts attached to the side of the coupling ball or a longitudinal nose attached at the top (safety strip).

This means that it is no longer possible to couple a trailer, but it is possible to use a rear carrier.

The CarGo kits are a complete package consisting of rear carrier “tow bar” and fully vehicle-specific electrical kit in PREMIUM quality.

Attention to the total weight

The bicycle carrier trailer hitches are designed to withstand the maximum vertical support load of your car, also known as ball pressure.

Especially when transporting e-bikes, the maximum ball pressure of the bicycle carrier trailer hitch mounted under the car must be checked.

The total weight of the bicycles plus carrier must not exceed the permissible ball pressure.

The maximum ball pressure is usually indicated on the type plate next to the socket of your tow bar. Too high ball pressure due to excess weight will cause the car suspension and the attachment of the tow bar to the vehicle to be overloaded. It also has a negative effect on driving and steering characteristics.

Overview of all the advantages:

  • Diagonally removable
  • Easy access to the ball neck adapter sleeve
  • Easy installation of the ball neck
  • Ready for use in seconds
  • Free-maintenance
  • Storage bag for ball neck
  • Visible operating instructions
  • Ergonomic rotary knob for removing the ball neck
  • Anti-theft lock
  • Maximum vertical load capacity
  • Visible and audible locking
  • Safety strip: exclusively for bicycle carriers

CarGo kits

With environmentally-friendly electric or hybrid vehicles, trailer operation (horizontal towing load) is often not approved by the vehicle manufacturer. Causes are often a possible overload of the battery pack or exceeding the CO2 emission standard.
However, the situation is different when it comes to carrying a vertical load.
For this reason, a carrier version of the detachable tow bar has been developed: the CarGo-Kit.

Very easy operation

The CarGo kit is very easy to use. It is usually a diagonally removable system. This means that the ball neck can be removed from the support structure which is permanently installed on the vehicle. It is recommended to always remove it when not in use.

To attach it, the ball neck is inserted into the mounting sleeve with a horizontal movement. Then press the ball neck slightly downwards and the system will lock by itself.

To release it, two hand grips are also sufficient. First, move the knob with your hand towards the ball head and then turn it downwards with your thumb in a smooth movement. The ball neck can be released again so easily. Then remove it and you’re done.

User-friendliness is further enhanced by the direction of rotation of the knob. It leads downwards, moving your hand away from the bumper of the car when operating the rotary knob. This creates more space for your hand between the bumper and the rotary knob, and the knob can be easily released.

The rotary knob on the ball neck is ergonomically shaped. It can be operated comfortably, as fingers, hand, wrist, and arm remain in a natural position when gripping the knob.

This means that the knob can be released with minimal effort. It is practical and fast. The two successive movements are indicated on the rotary knob with arrows.


The CarGo kit offers optimal safety. To ensure that it is really only used for carrying rear carriers, a safety mechanism is attached to the ball. A strip on the top or lateral studs ensures that no towing object (trailer) can be coupled. Because the ball lies stable in the sleeve, it can never come loose from the sleeve after locking. The rotary knob was developed so that the direction of rotation is opposite to the direction of travel of the car. This means that even in unusual situations the tow bar cannot come loose while driving.

Audible lock mechanism

The ball neck locking is clearly audible. Thanks to ErgoclickTM, a clear clicking sound is heard as confirmation of a secure locking.

Visible interlock

The ball neck locking is easy to read. The rotary knob contains a color marking with color codes. Green indicates successful locking. Red indicates that a new attempt must be made.