Added value in assembly and function

Until now, it was customary in the industry to market the two products tow bar and wiring kits separately. This means that the user has determined the two parts required for the respective vehicle models separately and individually as required.

Recently, some tow bar manufacturers offer so-called kits. This is supposed to make it easy for the buyer. After all, he only has to determine a single part number.

However, this has some considerable disadvantages:

  • The wiring kits used are often only universal or at best platform-specific. This is how the kit quickly becomes a deceptive package
  • The individual selection option is lost
  • Returning goods is problematic, especially when the packaging is opened. Individual parts could have been removed
  • Stock-keeping and capital commitment are increasing significantly for the specialist trade

The comfort is pushing itself into the foreground. The search for the most suitable and economical product is unfortunately often too inconvenient. The competitiveness of the specialized trade is thus considerably weakened.

We are dealing here with technically very sophisticated products. Only those who are prepared to deal with the product in detail can have lasting success in this industry.

Despite all counter-arguments, some customers still want to market tow bar kits.

The solution: PREMIUM kits by JAEGER automotive.

The retrofitting of a tow bar always consists of two products: tow bar and wiring kits. One cannot do without the other.

JAEGER automotive therefore also offers tow bar kits. However, with very significant differences:

  • Special emphasis is placed on the selection of tow bars

Only high-quality tow bars are used. No compromises are made with regard to fitting accuracy, assembly, and user-friendliness.

  • In the meantime, the wiring kit has become the most important component when retrofitting a tow bar

PREMIUM wiring kits

Only our truly automotive-specific PREMIUM wiring kits are used.

These offer unbeatable advantages in installation and operation.

The economic success in the business of tow bar upgrading depends very much on the factor installation time.

In addition, these PREMIUM wiring kits offer further unique selling points depending on the model for example.


The driver can start an automatic test run of the lighting functions of the trailer without the help of a second person.



The trailer module can disconnect the trailer charging line at low voltage. This protects the vehicle battery against low voltage or discharge so that the trailer can be started again at any time.



By means of two LED indicator lights, the function control of CAN bus, current and ground connection can be performed instantly. This allows much easier, safer and shorter installation.


EasyPin socket

Unmatched robustness and longevity are paired with unique assembly ease, both during initial installation and in case of repair.



Conventional trailers and bicycle rear carriers have filament bulbs. More and more modern lamps are equipped with LED technology. The trailer control units in the PREMIUM electrical kits support both light variants.



In the event of failure of a lighting function on the trailer, operational lamps take over this function.


Many vehicle models require encoding (release for trailer operation).

In close cooperation with the most important manufacturers of diagnostic equipment, we provide valuable coding instructions in the fitting instruction.

Should anything still go wrong during installation, our service hotline is available to you free of charge.