If a flashing light fails, there is a clear safety risk. The driver is informed of the failure via the legally required trailer indicator monitoring system. This is usually done via an optical display in the cockpit. However, until the flashing light unit is repaired, there is a considerable risk because the driver will not notice the fault. Left turners in particular live dangerously.

The Solution: EasySubstitute

Substitute light function in cars
Some modern vehicle systems switch to a different light function as an alternative in the event of a failure of one rear lighting function until the failure of the lighting function is rectified. For example, if the rear indicator light on a car fails, the back-up light is assigned a flashing function. This replacement light function on the car must not affect the functioning of the trailer lights. Our vehicle-specific PREMIUM wiring kits detect this replacement function in the rear lights of the car and guarantee fault-free functioning of the trailer lighting in accordance with the German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations.

Substitute light function in trailers
In the event of failure of a flashing light unit in a trailer, operational lamps take over this function. For example failure of an indicator light and substitute flashing of the red rear light. This provides a significant increase in safety.

Extract from installation manual

Flashing monitoring and light substitution in case of failure of the trailer flashing lights.

Depending on the vehicle type and the version of the wiring kit installed the failure of one or both trailer indicators is indicated as follows.

  • Increasing / doubling flashing frequency
  • Full text message in display / instrument cluster
  • Activation control lamp for lamp failure
  • Audible warning via buzzer or voice message

In the event of flashing light failure the rear light on the same side replaces a defective trailer flashing light by flashing at the same frequency.

(Lamp substitution!)